Tackling Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Glass Cooktop Stoves

Posted on: 10 July 2015


If you have never owned a glass cooktop stove, there is no doubt that their appearance and convenience will make this an appealing choice at the appliance store. You get the same function as a regular stove with open burners, but a sleek surface that appears easier to clean and maintain. Even though the glass cooktop stove is a desirable choice, there are a lot of misconceptions about this modern appliance. It is important that you understand the facts behind some of the most common misconceptions about glass cooktop stoves, before you dismiss getting a glass cooktop stove. 

Misconception: The glass cooking surface is very hard to keep clean and looking like new. 

Fact: You do have special requirements for cleaning the glass cooking surface, such as using scratch-free scrubbing sponges and only recommended cleaning products. However, the glass cooktop is no harder to maintain than a regular stove top. To make sure that spills do not get baked on the glass, which will make cleaning the stove a chore, be sure to wipe down your stove after each use and clean up any food left on the surface right away. 

Misconception: The glass cooktop is known for busting and breaking easily.

Fact:  Even though the glass is actually designed to support a lot of weight and heat, there are occasions when the glass cooktop can break. This will only happen if you are improperly using your stove; for example, if you were to climb up on top of the stove to get to a top cabinet. However, even if the glass does get broken in your stove, it can be replaced by an appliance repair technician for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. 

Misconception: If you have a glass cooking surface, you will not be able to use regular pots and pans. 

Fact: As long as the pots and pans that you normally use have smooth bottoms, which most do, you will not have to buy any specific cookware to use on the glass surface. Pans that have rough bottoms, like cast iron skillets, may cause scratches in the surface of the stove. 

When you know the facts bout glass cooktop stoves, it is easy to see that these stove models are incredibly nice to have. If you have further questions about investing in a glass cooktop range, talk to a representative from an appliance sales and service center for more information.