Why An Inefficient Gas Boiler May Need To Get Treated

Posted on: 15 July 2015


Has the gas boiler to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system been inefficient lately? The problem may be due to a problem with the water, especially if there is hard water flowing through your plumbing system. Find out below why the water in your boiler may need to get treated.

What Leads to Boiler Water Needing Treatment?

It is important to understand that the purpose of the boiler is to create steam that can be used for heating up your house. The water that creates the steam must be in a good condition, as your boiler may malfunction if not. Hard water can work with a boiler, but if there are too many minerals in it, you can run into problems with HVAC system efficiency. It is a good idea to get the boiler water treated for the best production of steam.

One of the most vital parts of a boiler is the feed water. The feed water line must be in good shape in order for water to safely make it inside of the steam drum. If hard water runs through the feed line all of the time, it eventually leads to corrosion taking place. When the feed water line is corroded, it makes it difficult for water to get into the steam drum. Your boiler will not produce heat unless there is water in the steam drum.

Water must also be treated to protect the metal of the boiler from corroding. A boiler that has hard water inside of it can end up with an accumulation of limescale. The limescale can prevent parts in the boiler from functioning as they should. The water will be treated with chemicals such as phosphates, polymers and sodium sulphite. If hard water has ruined your boiler to the extreme, you will need a new one.

What is the Estimated Price of a Boiler?

The estimated price to replace a gas boiler depends on the efficiency of the new one. You can expect to pay at least $6,000 or more for a high-efficiency gas boiler. However, a standard gas boiler can cost as little as $2,500 or more. The overall price will depend on how complex installing the boiler is for the contractor. Get in touch with a contractor as soon as possible for a boiler treatment that will resolve the inefficiency problem and save you money in the long run!