Simple Hacks To Keep Your Washer And Dryer Healthy

Posted on: 29 July 2015


Washer repair must always be done by a professional, which can leave you without the use of a machine until you can schedule an appointment. If you want to avoid having more than your yearly servicing for the washing machine, you must take care of your washer and dryer on a regular basis. In order to avoid repairs on a regular basis, here are some things that you can do to keep your washer and dryer in tip-top shape.

Buy washing machine cleaner

Washing machines are used to clean your clothing, linens, and other necessities for your family. Therefore, you need your washing machine to be perfectly clean to do its job. You can purchase washing machine cleaner from regular retailers. Throw the cleaner inside of the machine, run your washer on a regular cycle, then allow the machine to dry. Doing this once a month will make sure your washing machine is clean on the interior, free from mold, and clear of any odors.

Use fabric strips instead of dryer sheets

Many people with dryers have an issue with fabric sheets getting caught inside of the lint trap or other areas of the dryer. If you continuously have issues with fabric sheets getting stuck in the lint trap, this can be annoying as well as overheat the machine. Instead, use strips of regular fabrics or a rag doused in liquid fabric softener. The fabric is less likely to get stuck, as it acts just like clothing and linens inside of the dryer. This is also an eco-friendly way to soften and scent your clothing, as the rag can be reused each drying cycle, unlike fabric sheets which must be thrown away.

Check the hose connections monthly

Hose connections can be a source of trouble (and money) for washing machine repairs. When you first connect the hoses, make sure that they are all properly secured on each end. This will prevent flooding from the hoses. Also, make sure that the hot and cold water is hooked into the appropriate attachments and that the temperature is just right for each setting. Every month check the draining hose for your washing machine. If the draining hose gets backed up it may cause you washer not to drain and possibly flood. This will be a disaster that necessitates repair of the hose and the machine itself if allowed to fester. By checking the hoses to make sure they work, you can get a heads up on any build up problems. 

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