3 Signs That Your Household Clothes Dryer May Need To Be Repaired

Posted on: 18 January 2016


Household clothes dryers are relied on virtually every day in homes across America. Unfortunately, they are often taken for granted and homeowners avoid regular maintenance on their clothes dryers. Failing to maintain the dryer can sometimes lead to home fires. Here are a few problems that you may face without regular maintenance and how to troubleshoot them:

Problem #1: Your Clothes Aren't Getting Dry.

At the end of one drying cycle, if your clothes are not dry, then there may be an issue that requires a technician. First, check to make sure that you only have a standard-sized load of clothes in the dryer. Sometimes, the problem is just that you have too many clothes for the dryer to handle at one time. Once that is out of the way, you need to check the lint trap. If it is filled to the brim with lint, then the dryer is unable to circulate an adequate amount of air throughout the machine so that the clothes can thoroughly dry. So, empty the lint trap.

Now, take out the initial load and put it a second load of appropriate size in to the dryer. If they are still damp at the end of the cycle and you've cleaned out the all of the lint, then there may be an issue with the dryer's heating element. This can easily be replaced by an individual qualified in appliance repair.

Problem #2: There Is a Burning Smell Coming from the Dryer.

If you smell anything aside from the dryer sheets and clean clothes, then there is a problem. If it smells like your dryer is burning, switch it off immediately. Again, the problem may be the lint trap, so check it first. Once the lint trap is emptied and all is well in that department, you need to inspect the dryer hose. This is located at the rear of the machine. In some cases, it may not be connected to the dryer properly. If it is, and that burning smell is still present, contact a local appliance technician to make an appointment for inspection and repair.

Problem #3: Your Dryer Is Hot to the Touch and the Room is Incredibly Hot.

Although your dryer is meant to get your clothes dry with the circulation of hot air, it doesn't mean that the outside of the dryer should be extremely hot nor should the room that the dryer is in. This is true even after several loads of clothes. It should only be warm if you were to touch it and you should be able to walk into the room without breaking a sweat. If the dryer and the room are both exceedingly hot, there is likely a problem with the dryer vent. As above, check the hose to ensure it is properly connected.

Then, check to ensure that air is effectively leaving the dryer vent. Sometimes, it may be clogged or the flexible vent hose could be bent. If it is, remove the clog and/or straighten the hose. If all checks out and the machine is still excessively hot, it's time to phone an appliance repair specialist because there may be a problem with the thermostat.

If you notice that there is an issue with your clothes dryer, try to remedy the problem on your own. If you cannot or you don't feel comfortable attempting it, contact an appliance repair expert from your local area for immediate assistance.